About us

Redbird Research LLC was started in August 2006, when NARA-St. Louis’s research room was opened to the public. This led me to being the first military researcher in St. Louis gaining access to the room. I wanted to use my history degree, interest in the military, and honoring my deceased, retired Air Force dad to help others with military research, including discharge paper retrieval.

I have used my memberships in the National Genealogical Society, Missouri Genealogy Society, St. Louis Genealogy Society, Ohio Genealogy Society, The National WW1 Museum and Memorial, Czechoslovakian Genealogy Society International, Orders and Medals Society of America, State Historical Society of Missouri, and Missouri History Museum to further my education.

My customers are both stateside and international, all by referrals from my previous/current customers. These past eleven years I have worked with the television series, “Who Do You Think You Are?”, veterans wanting their military files and discharges, book authors, producers, genealogists, medal/award collectors, and people wanting to learn about their family members service career, or just wanting to learn about a veteran’s military time.

Now I have the honor of having my recently college graduated daughter Victoria joining me full time. We are expanding our business to include this website to inform both our current customers/friends, and new customers of the services we can offer you.

We promise to give the best service we possibly can to you.

— Lori