Military Records and Research


A DD214 is a certificate from active or reserve duty. This document can contain retirements points and discharge papers from your military service. A report of separation is issued when the service member performs 90 days of active duty training. When you order a DD214 you will receive 2 sealed copies of your DD214. **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time**



A 201/OMPF is a complete military file. It can contain your DD214, retirement points, discharge papers, duty stations and assignments, disciplinary actions, training, qualifications, performance, and decorations received. **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time** **Archival file price subject to content in file. **


Medical File

A Medical File can contain inpatient and outpatient, dental treatment, mental health treatment, and health care received. **VA or another government agency may have ownership of the file and not available to access.** **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time**



The SF-50 is a notification of a Personnel Action. It contains your series, grade, and other information useful to you or required if applying for reinstatement. Used by current and former federal employees. **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time**


IDPF, Mortuary Records- Starting at

An IDPF is a personnel file created by the military services to document the death of a military member and the related actions associated with the disposition of the remains. Can contain letters of communications to family members. Mortuary records cover Vietnam War casualties . Please contact us if you are wanting to order more than 2 files for a discounted rate. **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time**


Final Pay Voucher

File pay statement of a veteran in service, covering WW1 and WW2. **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time**


Chaplain- Starting at

A religious leader in the United States military assigned to conduct religious services and counseling. This file contains military service information, along with religious service references. **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time**


Additional File Types -Starting at

Contact us for other Archival records not listed. **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time**



Get your military research spiral bound in readable book form. **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time**


Morning Reports

A Morning Report is a daily history of a company or headquarters. Morning Reports are one of the oldest documents maintained by the military. Morning Reports are used to verify events that might not be documents in an individual’s Official Military Personal File (OMPF). You can also track people through their service time when a military file did not survive the fire, or additional information is wanted of a vet's service. Morning Reports vary in length and time spent on the project, you may be sent a follow up invoice. **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time**


Burial Case Files -Starting at

Burial Case Files cover the war deceased from 1915-1939. **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time**


Award Cards

Award cards for Army:1918-1940, Air Force:1942-1963, and some Marines:WW1 **There is a nonrefundable 20% fee for research time**


Archival 201- Starting at

Researching and copying archival military files. Choice of paper or digital scanned copies.



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